The aim of this course is to develop knowledge and skills required for project management, which will help the students to manage projects more efficiently. After completing the course the students will gain in depth knowledge on how to plan and organize project, allocate resources, Implement risk management technique, Estimate and schedule task work.

Project is a unique, temporary, and transient endeavor undertaken to achieve a desired outcome.

Module’s objectives:

To help participants acquire the knowledge they need to apply the key project management principles, tools and processes so that they can support the project activities and carry out the project administration functions within their organizations. Also to help them gain an understanding of content, terminology, and application principles dealing with the project management efforts.

The module’s content is divided into four main topics:

  • Project management processes
  • Project lifecycle
  • Project execution, monitoring, and control
  • Project team management
Ing. Libor Friedel, MBA

Ing. Libor Friedel, MBA

Garant programu MBA strategický management

S EBS spolupracuje od roku 2012. Vyučuje v předmětech Strategický management, Strategické techniky a analýzy, Tvorba podnikové vize, Management změn, Project Management (anglicky) a Innovation Management (anglicky).