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The Master of Laws (LL.M.) professional educational programme is a traditional and recognised model of studies, which is focuses on commercial law as well as administration and company management. In Western countries, the LL.M. is an academic degree awarded to the graduates of postgraduate law studies, not only to lawyers, but also to graduates who have a different educational background. The programme is designed for graduates from law studies, but it is also suitable for other people interested in studying this professional specialisation and who want to become familiar with the basic disciplines of commercial law.

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About the course of study

In the course of their studies, the students complete an overall number of twelve modules. Their studies are divided into two semesters. The students complete their study tasks by having consultations with the lecturers as well as by self-studying on the basis of the materials available in the on-line student section (every student is allocated their own password). The basic study obligation of the students is to write a seminar work for every taken module. This seminar work is then graded by the lecturer; the grading also includes a verbal evaluation. Studies are completed by defending a dissertation and passing final oral exams.

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International Private Law I.
(JUDr. Petr Dobiáš, Ph.D.)
Arbitration Law
(JUDr. Petr Dobiáš, Ph.D.)
The Law of Contract for Business
(Alan McAdam)
Case Studies in Business Development
(doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc.)
Managerial Accounting
(doc. Ing. Jaroslav Wagner, Ph.D.)
Strategic Management
(Ing. Libor Friedel, MBA)
Project Management
(prof. ing. Zbyněk Pitra, DrSc.)
Social and communications knowledge of manager
(doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc.)
Business Development
(doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc.)
International Private Law II.
(JUDr. Petr Dobiáš, Ph.D.)

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